I want to thank God, for keeping my family safe in the past months. The same is true of the church family, praise be to God. I want to thank God, personally because in the past two months, I was sick with a stomach sickness which has caused a lot of weakness in my body. It was hard for me to attend the conference in North India. I was feeling very weak, but with God’s grace, I was able to finish the meetings. I also received healing during this time in my body, so thanks be to God.

I also need to thank God for healing my father, whose lungs have been infected and were having water in them. The doctors removed that water from his lungs and he is normal these days. Thanks be to God for his healing in our family.

Prayer points: Please pray for a Christian family that lost a member; he went to be with the Lord. This man loved the Lord, in spite of the physical weakness and sickness. After his death none from the neighbourhood or village came to help or sympathise in the last rites. The family has been facing boycott from the society due to their Christian faith.

Please pray for all the evangelists and pastors in the hills that they may carry on the ministry responsibilities wisely and in the grace of our God.

Remember to pray for the leaders and the churches in our region, as some folks have been sending threatening messages and spreading rumours to misguide believers. Prayers needed so that God may keep the flock from going astray.

Pray for five persons that are learning about the Baptistm ceremony. Pray for me, so that I can teach them the Word properly.

I’m thankful for the guidance and leadership of bro. Ranjit and his wife. May God bless them and use them even more for the kingdom.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support for my family and the church.

Philip K.