Dear and highly esteemed partners in the Gospel,

I thank you for taking the time to read this report, and I am very grateful for your support and your intercession on our behalf. I truly appreciate your faithfulness in remembering us before the throne of God. Now it is my joy to inform you about the work on the mission field here in Germany.

Church Life

We praise our Lord for the way He is working in our midst. A handful of people would like to be baptized and even more would like to become members of our church. I visited some of our people in their homes and I am very pleased to hear them say that the Word of God is changing them in a mighty way. They are growing in love for Christ and in hatred for sin. I am also thankful we are welcoming new visitors every Lord’s Day.

However, while we are experiencing these joyful developments, we are also experiencing a better thing: a couple who was not in membership, yet is very dear to us, left our fellowship. Please pray that we might learn through sad moments like these which are part of planting a church. Pray for all of us. Pray that we will be able to constitute a Gospel-centered and Christ-glorifying church in Frankfurt. May I also ask you to pray specifically for us as we seek to find a more fitting place to meet?

Training Leaders

I continue to train a group of trustworthy men with regard to spiritual disciplines. It is good to see their spiritual growth, and we are learning more about what it means to have a true burden for the lost and to be a true intercessor in prayer. Please pray for these men as we hope to ordain elders and deacons soon.


Our efforts to reach the lost continue. This month a wonderful family from our church plant joined me to share the Gospel on the streets of Frankfurt. They were literally shocked when they realized how resolutely people reject the Good News. Please continue to pray for our ongoing street evangelism. Please join us in praying that God will cause the growth of all Gospel seeds that have been planted throughout Frankfurt. We long to see fruit for Christ’s name’s sake.