Photo by Jungwoo Hong

In December, we had the joy of baptizing three believers and adding two more members to our fellowship. We praise the LORD for building His church. For the glory of our great God, I would like to share with you a wonderful testimony of one of the ladies whom we baptized.

Anife is 33 years old and the mother of a little daughter. She grew up in a very broken family with a Muslim father. Sadly, Anife had to experience much violence and oppression in her childhood. She grew up with no information about Jesus Christ, and without any hope or purpose. A completely godless life was the result. She enjoyed everything the world had to offer: parties, relationships, alcohol and much more. She confesses that she didn’t miss a sin.

In 2017, Anife began to study. This is where she met Victoria, a dear sister from our church. At first, Anife kept away from Victoria because she was so strangely different and felt personally attacked by the faith and life of Victoria. As she knew absolutely nothing about Christianity, Anife began to ask questions. She developed a strong desire to learn more from Victoria and began to talk with her on a daily basis. It didn’t take much time for Anife to realize that she had no real peace and joy in her life. Victoria gave her a Bible and Anife began to read and earnestly ponder the things she was learning about her life. Victoria and her father, who is one of the deacons of our church, continued to help her to see the truth of God’s Word.

Through the grace of God, Anife finally realized that she was absolutely lost and that the wrath of Almighty God was upon her. In shame of her sins she started to change her life. She began to dress in a modest way, she quit partying, and avoided bad company. None of this brought her peace or a good conscience though. She increasingly began to fear the judgment of God, and was in despair over the fact that she wasn’t able to satisfy God’s holiness. She literally would weep for days over the great shame of her sins. She was completely broken.

On the 14th of June, she cried out in despair to the Lord late into the night. She begged for His forgiveness and His grace to receive a new life. Completely exhausted, she fell asleep. A few hours later, Anife woke up realizing that something very strange and unexpected had happened to her. She had a deep peace in her heart and the assurance that God had answered her prayer. She understood that her sins were forgiven through Jesus Christ who is indeed a mighty Savior! Not her works but only the grace of God saved her!

On the very next day, Anife began to share the Gospel with her colleagues and quickly realized that followers of Christ will have to face the same rejection in this world as Christ had experienced. People began to mock her and slander her with ugly accusations, but Anife stood firm for Christ and did not deny his Name, even when to confess it meant to be hated and despised by men.

It was a tremendous joy for us to baptize her in the Name of our Triune God who graciously saved her out of the deepest darkness. Anife is now a faithful member of our church and it is wonderful to see her growing in knowledge and Christ-likeness.

Please join us in praising God for His sovereign grace in the salvation of Anife. Please pray with us that she would continue to walk in Christ, being rooted and built up in Him, established in the faith, and abounding in thanksgiving (Colossians 2:7).

Peter Schild