May I begin by expressing my deep gratitude for your ongoing support! I consider it a privilege that you take the time to read and pray through my monthly reports. Thank you very much!

Since I was at home most of the time recently, there are not many things to report. However, I would like to provide you with at least a brief update on the latest happenings here in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Family News

We give thanks to the Lord who blessed us with the birth of our third son, Joel Jairus. Both mom and baby are doing well. I stayed at home for most of the time during the last weeks and took care of my wife and children. It is quite challenging to be in ministry and to run the household but we experience the loving care of the Lord which is seen, for example, in the kindness of brothers and sisters from church who help wherever they can. Praise be to God for his goodness and mercy.

Baptism Service

It is always a great joy to gather to witness the baptism of a true believer. We baptized a young woman who has an encouraging testimony. She says about her time in our midst:
“I began to reflect on my own behavior. The more I heard the Word of God, the more I recognized the sins in my past, the wrongness of my way of life and my total depravity. There then followed a time of many tears and pleading with God. I prayed that he would forgive my sins and give me a clear conscience. I came to faith. My life changed through the grace of God and I began to study the Bible. The Lord worked in me and transformed me more and more by setting me free from sins of my past …” 
May I ask you to pray for this dear sister that she faithfully follows the Lord? Thank you!


I had the privilege to marry a lovely young couple from our church. Quite a few non-believers came to partake in the wedding ceremony. I used this opportunity to preach the gospel. Please pray not only for this newly married couple but also for those who have heard that Christ is the only savior.

Training Men

It is our concern to equip men for service to God. We hope to discover and to promote gifted brothers in our midst who might be able to preach. At this time we train seven men to learn how to accurately exegete and passionately proclaim the Word of God. Not all of them may become preachers in the church but we pray that at least some prove to be called by God to preach His word. Our country is in great need of faithful and bold preachers! May the Lord have mercy!
Would you please pray for these men that they become more and more useful for the Kingdom of God?

We cannot thank you enough for upholding us in prayer. 
May the Lord bless you and your family!