Esteemed partners in the Gospel, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for taking the time to read this report and to pray for our work here in Germany.

Street Evangelism

We proclaimed Christ in the red light district of Frankfurt. Please join us in prayer for all the drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, and others who heard the Gospel. Some of them, especially the prostitutes, seemed to be touched by the Good News and received Gospel tracts. I was feeling very downcast as the misery is overwhelming and unbearable in this place.

I also evangelized among the business people of Frankfurt. It is hard to reach them. The prevailing sense of smug self-satisfaction is all over the place. Many think they are too smart and too educated to believe in the crucified and resurrected Son of God. Frankfurt desperately needs the Gospel! Please pray for our ongoing evangelism. We long to see fruit.

Church Planting Efforts

We studied the biblical qualifications of elders and deacons as we hope to constitute a biblical church in Frankfurt soon. Please pray that the Lord will show us the men whom He has called to serve us as elders and deacons. We are still searching for a more suitable place to meet. It is very difficult to find something, but we are sure the Lord will provide.

Family Note

My dear sister passed away on Christmas. She was only 35 years of age and mother of two children. I would highly appreciate your prayers for the family. It is indeed a great comfort to know the God of all comfort.

Personal Request

May I ask you to pray for me? I have a great need to become more like Christ by growing closer to him. I long to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please pray that I will not stay the same in 2016, but become noticeably more like Him.

I am most grateful to you for your prayers and your generous support. May all grace abound towards you by Christ Jesus.