Dear saints in Christ,

I am delighted to provide you with information about the latest developments (April until mid-May) here in Frankfurt, Germany. I would like to express my deep gratitude for your prayers and partnership in the advancement of the gospel.

Time of Refreshment and Encouragement

I praise the Lord for the beauty and blessings of brotherly fellowship which I had the privilege to experience in Lisbon, Portugal. For a few days, “HeartCry” supported pastors from Western Europe met to learn and to share joys and trials with each other for support, counsel, and prayer. Pastor Jeremy Walker (Maidenbower Baptist Church, UK) and Pastor Anthony Mathenia (Christ Church – Radford, USA) as well as a coordinator for HeartCry, Holden Barry, were a tremendous blessing to all of us. The Lord used this time to refresh my soul and to restore my strength.

Growing Family

We are expecting our third son very soon as my dear wife is in her last weeks of pregnancy. I would like to ask if you could pray for the upcoming birth and for us as a family? Thank you for your continued prayers! [UPDATE: Baby Joel was born on May 17th. Praise the Lord!]

Church Growth in Maturity and Numbers

We are very grateful to announce that a qualified brother has been appointed to serve as a deacon in our midst. Please pray for this faithful, fellow-servant and his precious ministry.

We also had the joy to welcome new members into our church family: A lovely and God-fearing couple with five children who are a great enrichment to our fellowship. They are already a great blessing to all of us. We intend to baptize at the end of May (this month). Please pray for those who applied for baptism/membership.

A group of like-minded believers in the south of Frankfurt recently decided to withdraw from the work of church planting and was welcomed to worship with us. If the Lord wills some of them might be added to our church. Please pray for these dear brothers and sisters and for us a church as we seek to love and serve them in a Christ-like manner.

Fruitlessness in Evangelism

Even though we are reaching out to the lost with the gospel message every single week we don’t see fruit of our labor. We sow the seed of the gospel but we don’t reap conversions, at least we don’t hear that people come to saving faith through our street evangelism. This very experience makes us sad as we long to see more people worshipping Christ who is indeed worthy of all honor. Please continue to pray for Frankfurt and our weak efforts lead people to the only Savior. May the Lord have mercy.

Space Limitations

We still struggle with a lack of space as we have a rising attendance in the morning. We visited potential properties to rent in Frankfurt but without any success yet. We would, therefore, be most grateful if you could pray that we might find a suitable place of assembly soon. Thank you!

How grateful we are to each one of you for upholding us in prayer!