Precious partners in the Gospel,

I am grateful that you take the time to read this brief report of our labors and to pray for us. We deeply appreciate your faithful support and earnest interest in our work. Thus, it is my privilege to bring you glad tidings. Furthermore, please allow us to lay before you our sincere requests for prayer.

1. Steady Progress in Church Planting

By virtue of Christ, the great church planter, the solemn act of constituting the church in Frankfurt is getting closer. Certain actions must take place in order to establish the church, or more precisely, in order to covenant together as a body, consecrating elders and deacons, baptizing the converts and celebrating the Lord’s Supper together. If the Lord is willing, we hope to constitute the church this summer or early autumn. We will start with baptism/membership classes soon. Please pray especially for the ongoing process of recognizing and examining the potential candidates for eldership and deaconship. We are in great need of wisdom in this important time.

2. Recent Trip to France

I spent some days in Paris, which is certainly one of the darkest places in Europe. The city is crowded with perishing multitudes who don’t know Christ, the only hope of salvation. Unfortunately, it is quite uncommon for Parisian Christians to go out and reach the lost. As a consequence, there is very little evangelism going on in the city. Thanks to the Lord, I saw a glimmer of hope shine through. For mutual encouragement, I visited a young church plant located right in the center of Paris. This small fellowship of believers treasures the Gospel and has a growing sense of responsibility for reaching the lost. May I ask you to pray for them, especially for the pastor and the brothers who assist him?

3. Annual Europe Evangelism Conference

It was my pleasure to stay for one week in Romania to speak at the second annual Evangelizing Europe Conference. The brethren and I addressed the subject of “Biblical Revival and Reformation”. I delivered talks on the life and ministry of Johann Gerhard Oncken, the founding father of the continental European Baptist movement. A Romanian translation of J. H. Cooke’s biography of Oncken was launched, including a new contribution that I wrote. All conference attendees received free copies, both for themselves and for distribution. With the help of Euro Evangelism, free copies are to be sent to Romanian pastors. It is my great hope that this will be a means of encouraging people to cut themselves off from the false traditions of man and return to the biblical truth that once was carried by Baptist missionaries to Romania. One point that I emphasized at the conference was that biblical revival will always be accompanied by an increasing love for the lost. Please pray that the Lord blesses Romania with more churches who hold fast to the truth and boldly proclaim it.

4. Upcoming Time in the United States of America

I am indeed grateful for the kind invitation to spend time in Washington D.C. for exploring the life and inner workings of Capitol Hill Baptist Church. It’s going to be a very intensive and instructive time. May I ask you to pray for me during these days as I long to be more useful for the body of Christ? Lord willing, I will be in Washington from May 7th to 16th.

Thank you so much for uniting with us in prayer and ascribing all honor to God in the extension of His kingdom!

With the deepest gratitude and highest respect,

Peter Schild