Greetings from Frankfurt, I would like to thank all of you who have been praying for us. Thank you so much for your loving support! You truly help us to magnify Christ in Germany. It is my privilege to keep you informed on what is taking place here on the mission field.

Preaching and Teaching Ministry in Wetzlar

This month I had the great joy to preach a couple of sermons on the subject of trusting and glorifying God in every circumstance and seeing God’s loving providence in the midst of pain. The word of God is indeed the guide that leads us to Christ, who is able to give rest and comfort even to the weariest of souls. Please pray with me for the church in Wetzlar and for all the visitors that we might, by the grace of God, remain faithful and thankful in every trial so that Christ will be glorified in us.

I also taught on the important subject of biblical hospitality. The Christian duty (biblical command) of hospitality is, as far as I can tell, often times neglected in teaching and in practice. Please pray that we would use our homes and resources for Christ and His kingdom.

Preaching and Teaching Ministry in Frankfurt

We meet every Wednesday to hear from the Word of God and pray together. We also gather every Lord’s Day for the evening service. More visitors are coming and quite a few people are considering joining our church plant. At the same time it is sad to see that some people only come very infrequently. Please pray for us all, that we might worship and honor Christ together with all of our heart. Please pray that we might grow in knowledge, love, unity, humility, and devotion to God.

Please pray for me as I preach and teach in Frankfurt and also train some trustworthy men in Frankfurt to become preachers of God’s Word. Please pray for these men.

Evangelism in Wetzlar and Frankfurt

Again, this month we were able to reach quite a number of people with the Gospel. Please pray for those who listened that the seed of the gospel will germinate and bring forth regeneration in their hearts. Please pray for all the brothers and sisters who help us on Saturdays to reach the lost. It is a great encouragement to see many young people who are willing to learn how to evangelize biblically and who are eager to go out with a passion for Christ and a burden for souls. Please continue to pray for our mission efforts.


A big part of my ministry is counseling. Sometimes this can be very challenging. I am in constant need of grace and wisdom from God. This month I invested time in learning more about how to resolve personal conflicts in a biblical way and how to lovingly help people to progressively be transformed into the image of Christ. Please pray for me as I desire to become more useful in the Lord’s service.

Personal Notes

My pregnant wife is doing well. We expect our baby to be born in the next few weeks. Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy child as it would please the Lord. Our three-year-old son, Josiah, is growing in knowledge. Please pray that he will come to saving faith soon. Please pray that our heavenly father will continue to teach us how to be godly parents.

Again, let me thank you very much for your constant support enabling me to work in Germany. May the Lord bless you and keep you!