After spending a month with the missionaries in Peru and Argentina, I am greatly encouraged by what we are seeing the Lord accomplish there. We were able to spend time individually with all but two of the missionaries in the two countries, and we heard many encouraging testimonies and were able to witness the grace of the Lord on each of their lives.

This was the first time that we have been able to travel and see the work in Rosario, Argentina, where Nicolás Serrano is serving together with Esteban Toloza as pastor of Family of Grace Church. Although Nicolás is young, it is clear that the Lord has called him and equipped him with a great measure of grace for the work with which he has been entrusted. The church plant is not yet four years old, but it is growing quickly as the Lord continues to draw more people to Himself. Many of the members in the congregation have come from very heretical “evangelical” congregations, and the Lord has graciously saved them and brought them to the knowledge of the truth. Almost all of the brothers and sisters of the church are very young in their faith, many of them having been saved within the last two years. Each Sunday, a group of about twelve to fifteen people travel more than three hours from a town outside of Rosario to be able to worship with the brothers and sisters in Rosario. I rejoice in the Lord for the genuine love that the believers in Rosario display, and also for their deep desire to worship and come to a more profound experiential knowledge of the Lord.

In the same way that many are being converted in Rosario, in various parts of Argentina the Lord seems to be awakening many people. We had the opportunity to spend a couple days with another pastor from a city twelve hours south of Rosario, and were greatly edified and encouraged by his testimony. While looking at a map, he began to mark all of the different areas around the country where pockets of believers have contacted him asking for help. In different parts of the country, the Lord is raising up groups of believers who have a passion for true doctrine and a desire to learn more. Often, these are groups of five to fifteen people who are meeting together (sometimes just a single family, sometimes a few families), who have been converted and have nowhere to congregate. Please pray together with the brothers and sisters in Argentina, that the Lord would raise up laborers to meet the needs arising across the nation. Pray that He would continue to reveal the error of many false teachings in the country and that He would bring many more to repentance and faith in Christ’s sufficiency alone. Praise God for the merciful display of His power in the salvation of many!