Jungle Pastors' Training

Today, four pastors that HeartCry supports in Peru are making the fifteen-hour trip to a small town along the Marañon River in the northern region of the Amazon jungle. At least 40 pastors will be together for the next five days to study God’s word, pray, and encourage one another. To get to the town where the pastors will be meeting, some of the men will hike around 10 hours from their village and then travel two or three days by boat each way.

Pastors Javier Carhuapoma, Wilmer Navarro, Miguel Carhuapoma, and Nicomedes Saavedra will be teaching on the themes of pastoral ministry and the pastor’s family. HeartCry has provided Paul Washer’s workbooks, “Discovering the Glorious Gospel,” which will be given to the men to continue studying together in groups over the course of the coming months. The pastors will also be given MacArthur Study Bibles for themselves as well as several copies of Bibles each that they can take back to their churches. 

Please be in prayer for the time that these men will have together. Pray that the Lord would strengthen and encourage their hearts for endurance in their ministries. Pray that they would continue to grow in their knowledge of Christ and in their understanding of their calling as pastors in Christ’s church. Pray for the churches in the jungle that these 40-plus pastors represent, that the Lord would continue to grow them in grace, protect them from the abundance of false teaching that surrounds them, and add to their number by drawing sinners to Himself through the preaching of the Word.