Dear friends and supporters,

I am pastor Duc and serve a Baptist church in Vietnam. First of all, I would like to give you my best regards and love. May grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, I also would like to express my appreciation for your meaningful support. It is my honor, pleasure, and blessing to have you as the supporters in my ministry in Vietnam. Hopefully, our news is an encouragement to you somehow.

In spite of the fact my wife had a kidney stone in the previous month and I cared for her, I still maintained the habit of self-study Bible regularly. Additionally, I had chances to learn experiences from teachers, especially Pastor Solomon, who is always a trusted brother and model of a godly servant to me. On 28th of April, I had chance to visit him. He taught, guided, and encouraged me in missionary work and building the church. I have learned to preach the gospel exactly in God’s will through the Bible to my people and to teach them live in a godly lives for God. I am praying to God for a plan of holding a Bible doctrine class for the leaders in my church. I hope that it will somehow help them to know more precisely about the doctrine and how to testify the gospel to the others. I am praying to God that He will help me to carry out this plan. I also hope to receive the prayers from you for this.

As a pastor, I have to visit my members, especially whose faith is weak frequently. I visited many families this month, encouraged and reminded them to attend church services. But there are also members whose faith are strong, but now are facing great challenge in financial problem. Some could not attend in church services, although they want, as they leave for another province to make profit. I am especially concerned about them. I prayed and tried to help them the best I could. It was just trivial supports, but I hope it could help them somehow and encourage them spiritually.

I have known a friend, who is not a Christian, for a long time. He is quite interested in the Bible. I tried to talk to Him about the gospel but till now it does not seem interesting to him. Every night I pray for him and his family so that God will reveal His grace on his life. Hopefully God has a special plan on him and his family.

I am praying hard to God for my family, my church, and especially for myself in the next month. I hope that I can do more for God in my ministry. Once again I would like to give my best thanks to your meaningful support. It is such a great encouragement to us. Please keep praying for our ministry in this country. I’m looking forward to tell you more good news in the next report.

Yours sincerely, Pastor Due