German Banda pastors John Laing Reformed Baptist Church in a densely populated area of southern Lusaka, Zambia.  Here is a segment from a recent report:

Ministerial Training Bearing Fruit

“Pastor Noah Mukubwe and I are both students of Lusaka Ministerial College (LMC).  He is the pastor of one of the Pentecostal churches in one of our townships called ‘Matero.’ He is a very humble pastor who really loves the Lord. One day he was telling me that for the past two months he has been in the college, his church has already accused him of preaching like Baptist preachers! Because of that, he is worried that the church may decide to lay him aside as a pastor. In spite of this, he has appreciated the theology he is getting from the college.

Radio Preaching Opportunity

Pastor Mukubwe and I have become good friends. On reason I mention him is the opportunity that God has given him, which is preaching from one of our local radio stations here in Lusaka. This has helped him to preach across all of what we call ‘compounds,’ where you find many churches conduct their services in vernacular languages rather than English. After his 30-minute preaching on the radio, he has another 30 minutes where people call in to ask various questions from his sermon and other doctrinal controversies. Out of this, they have begun planting their churches in all the compounds because people have appreciated his radio ministry. I had to ask myself, “Where is a vernacular Reformed Baptist preacher on the radio in the compounds?”

Pray with me on this issue. I want to rise to my feet and preach to all the compounds in Lusaka through radio ministry. Perhaps this is why I was picked out from the village, not just to enjoy Lusaka, but to preach to all sinners and refute the error that is being imparted in the hearts and minds of the people. So, please, pray with me strongly and faithfully!”