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Sorin Prodan is the Eastern European coordinator for HeartCry. He pastors Providence Church faith family in Brasov, Romania. Sorin and his wife, Trish, have three sons. As always, he relates the happenings of his personal life and ministry with striking transparency. In his recent monthly report he shares:

My daily reading in God’s Word brought me to 2 Kings. I learned great lessons from seeing now many kings failed in assuring the integrity of worship in Israel and Judah. I sought to meet the Lord in secret, as these days seem to require more and more a close understanding of God’s plans for His Church. Pray for a growing desire to seek the Lord.

In such unprecedented circumstances that we live in these days my only thought is how I can be faithful to the calling God has given to me. I am called to be a husband of a wonderful lady that followed me in serving along in a ministry far from her own country. I am called to be the father of three sons that will sooner or later face some of the most critical choices of life. I am called to be a minister in a church that is unable to fellowship in normal conditions. And I am called to proclaim the truth that saves people from an eternity of damnation, but in times when people are afraid to interact on the streets or in the area of their homes. So, in the light of all these aspects of my calling, I can only trust the grace of God that enables me to fulfill and finish well my course and calling. A few highlights from the work in June will prove that, once again, it was God who accomplished through us His plan of establishing His Kingdom in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and all of Eastern Europe.  


For the birthday celebration of the sixth anniversary of our second son, Lucas, we produced a big surprise for our three boys: a little puppy. It’s a Siberian Husky with blue eyes. After the many weeks of hard quarantine, having a little dog in our yard changed the atmosphere dramatically. For the boys, they had great joy, excitement, and play. For us, more work and concerns, as the puppy nibbles and bites. We thought of the dog as being a great gift for the boys that will shape their childhood, but it became a great challenge. Beyond that, we continued to plant the seed of the Word of God in our boys’ hearts, and pray to see it begin to grow one day. At times, we are discouraged, seeing no spiritual affections for Christ in our older boys hearts. Then, things change, and we hope again.


The Romanian government lessened the restrictions, so we were able to meet again with our church body. At first, we just met outside, then we were able to move inside. The open-air meetings were truly a blessing as we are located in the very central part of the city. Many locals, and tourists were walking by to reach a historical site that was nearby. Many stopped and took a few minutes to watch and listen. The singing was something that encouraged them to stop and watch, as our singing is congregational with a lot of Gospel content. The preaching made some people take a seat, as they were struck by the message. I thought many times how wonderful is the work of God for it is Him who makes possible our worship in public by governmental order so hundreds of people can see and hear.

Our evangelistic effort was significantly limited. However, we tried to find new ways to be a witness. One day, I met one of my neighbors who was walking his dog. We talked about these strange times, and I told him my view. I said that the present happenings are a part of my Christian worldview. He is not a religious man, but he had respect for me. We agreed to meet one day to talk about faith in a more concise way.

I also met a few times with a young man who has an eye disability and needs help with food and accommodation. He was opened to listen to my Gospel message, but I did not notice any commitment to the Word’s calling. He came one Sunday to church when I preached on eternal damnation, but then he just stopped. He seems to be interested in just being helped. Pray for Vlad to seek the Kingdom.

During the pandemic, I assisted more people with food and their basic needs. This was a means to reach them with the Gospel. The outcome of our help enabled me to continue to visit a few. One of these people is a lady,  a widow called Suzanne. She is very old, in her early eighties. Her daughter lives in Italy, and so, she has basically nobody to help her. We began to provide some groceries, and medical assistance, but later we found the attendant who owns the house where she rents a room is an evil man. Although he is an Seventh Day Adventist, he is extremely mean. One day, he got mad, and hit Mrs. Suzanne in the face. The next day, I looked for her a new rental, and moved her in just a few hours. The man even attempted to hit me just for the simple fact I helped this woman. I was tempted to call the police, but was reminded of the verse that says revenge belongs to the Lord. Mrs. Suzanne is very open to the Gospel message. A young lady from our church is now in charge of helping her, and others visit her once in a while. Pray for her salvation!

Continue to pray for the last stage of legalizing the new building. We continued to work on a few more things that had to be completed on the building, such as calling back the Fire Marshal for inspection. Once we have the approval from the Fire Department, the whole project will be completed.

We are deeply grateful for your commitment, both financially and in prayer for our labor.