I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We sincerely thank God for all of you and for your continued support of us. Despite all the difficulties of international relations, thank you for all your prayers for us and for God’s work here.

Unfortunately, the warmer weather has not yet come. Every day a little snow falls and it remains cold. In our family, we are almost all healthy, except for Katie who is sick. Sunday we had to take her to the doctor. She is home now, but has yet to fully recover. Please support her in prayer.

In our family worship, we continue to read the book of Exodus, paying attention to the weakness and inability of people to live the holy and righteous laws of God, the lack of ability in man to follow in obedience to God.

In the church, we are currently going through the book of Revelation, chapters 1-2, where it is the power of Christ over all the authorities of the world and His special power over the Church, which is intended to be a light for Christ to the world. There is a new young family who moved here from Ukraine. They are attending our church with interest. We are thankful that the Lord has brought them here to us.

Outreach Efforts:

There are five men who I am regularly sharing the Gospel with: Konstantin, Nikolai, Vadim, Peter and Alexander. Nikolai and Alexander are growing in their understanding and desire for God! I praise the Lord for working in Nikolai’s life in such a way that now I am discipling him as a child of God, and no longer preaching to him as a lost sinner! Vadim and Peter are enslaved to alcohol. When they are sober, I will meet with them and share the Gospel. Pray for their salvation.

In previous reports, I have mentioned the contact that God has allowed us to establish with a local, municipal, charitable organization called “Help hold.” We have received a lot of information from this group about specific, very needy people. This month, our church has begun to serve these people. There are some with very serious diseases.There are also many women and children who are abused by drunkards and then kicked out of the house. There are young people who have aged out of the orphanage, and now have housing but do not know how to live independently.

Many of these people, through such assistance from our side, are open to the Gospel. This service does not require a lot of finances, but time and attention to the people. I ask you to pray for us so that we will know how to best serve these people and that God would be glorified. Also pray that many lives would be truly saved by the power of the Holy Spirit.