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In our evangelism this month, we have experienced a lot of joy because of the salvation that God brought to a man named Orlando. Before, Orlando was known in his town for being very active in local politics, but he was also shut-off to the gospel. His mother, who is a Christian, had spoken to him many times about the Lord Jesus, but it never found any reception. But now, after so many years of stubbornness and spiritual blindness, Orlando’s eyes have been opened.

It happened that as I finished preaching in the church in one of the small towns nearby, Orlando came to me and was very concerned about his future. In one sense, he had always believed in God’s existence and even understood that if he died, God would condemn him for his sins because he had never asked Him for forgiveness or sought salvation in Christ. But it wasn’t until this moment that the Holy Spirit began to work, bringing conviction of sin and a true understanding of His need for salvation. As Orlando listened to the sermon, God, through the preached Word, worked in this man a deep sense of his need for salvation and He led him to seek that salvation in Christ. 

It was with this sense of conviction and need that Orlando came to me after the sermon to ask me to explain the gospel again to him because he wanted to become a child of God. I immediately began to teach him the gospel and without hesitation, Orlando confessed Jesus to be his Savior. He knelt down on his knees and asked God to forgive him, recognizing that Christ is the only Savior and Lord. The pastor of the church is continuing to teach and disciple Orlando in the truth of God’s word. Please pray that Orlando would continue growing in the faith.