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Church plants are oftentimes unable to fully support their pastor, much less other individuals who desire to assist the efforts of their church. In addition to supporting pastors and church planters, in rare cases, as God raises up young men who seem to be called to pastoral ministry, HeartCry has the privilege to temporary come beside these men and help them as they prepare themselves, and serve the church in practical things. This allows them to be discipled by their pastors, study the Scriptures, while continually putting into practice the things in which they are learning. This time also gives the elders and members of these churches an opportunity to assess the gifts and calling of these men. 

For example, the interns who are training in Northern India are currently going through books of the Bible along with examining systematic theologies as a group. They are led by the pastor, assigned reading assignments, required to write papers, and be prepared to discuss, defend, and grow in what they have learned. Such assignments push these young men, not just to learn a set of abstract theological truths, but to also apply them in the context of their local churches and their own lives.

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Interns are also presented with regular opportunities to share their faith with those who do not know the Lord, from non-believing neighbors around them to others who come to evangelistic service, like the Christmas service. At the last Christmas service, the Lord gave the opportunity for the good news of Christ to be presented to a large group of non-believers. This also allows for the members of the church the opportunity for followup, and for the church to continue praying for the salvation of those who do not know Him. Pray for those who heard, maybe for the first time, the good news of God the Father “sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin” (Romans 8:3) so that they might have the hope of eternal life. 

In addition to studying theology, interns spend much time in God’s Word. As he was studying through requirements for Elders and Deacons in the Pastoral Epistles, one intern wrote, “It was helpful for me to examine my own self and see the areas in which I need to grow.” This same intern was also privileged to attend a two-day intensive study of the book of Ecclesiastes. He explained that he left the seminar with a distinct impression that none of life is meaningless, but that all men are either living in opposition to Lord, or in service and devotion. Summarily, men either fear Him or they do not. This study encouraged him to thank God, and praise Him for His mercy and grace that God showed in saving him. Truly, a life hidden in Christ is not vanity.  

How can you take part in the work going on in these churches and the lives of these young men?

  • Pray for their studies that they would grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.
  • Pray for their diligence that they would use this unique time of preparation to prepare for the work God has called them to do. 
  • Pray for the work these young men are doing now, that they would do the work of an evangelist, joyfully and faithfully.
  • Pray for more laborers to be raised up in these areas so that they can be trained and sent out into the harvest.