Dear HeartCry,

First of all I would like to send my greetings to the family and to the Church in the love of Jesus Christ.

God is keeping our family in peace. Every morning we study the Bible and pray before we start work. We pray God will bless our work, our families and pray to God for health, peace, energy, and wisdom to lead us in God’s will. We see gracious responses on me as well as on the family. Small things, as well as the greatness of what we ask for, are His gifts. The blessings that God has given to our family we give thanks to God.

In the past month, I and my brothers and sisters in the local church have taken care of the funeral for the husband of a sister in the Church. His wife and I had taken him to the hospital two or three times, and in such times I comforted him and prayed for him. I knew the last moments of his life needed someone to be with him and pray. I asked him if he was scared and had peace? He answered, “Peace.” On the way to visit him I called him and he responded in a very weak voice and I prayed for him to God, and then He permanently went to God. The funeral was solemnly celebrated; neighbors and relatives from both sides were given the opportunity to hear the word of God. What I learned was that whether it was a pastor or a Christian member, caring, helping anyone in need when they need it is a way God’s Spirit ministers to others.

In my pastoral ministry, I have always maintained the work of religious instruction and prayer. Every Wednesday evening we have Bible study sessions and prayers. Besides, my wife and I are helping local children know, the Bible. We organize for their children every Saturday evening. We teach them about the Bible and we also in July we organized a summer Bible for 35 children. Most of the parents are laborers with low income and some children in difficult circumstances, so they come to the church where we can minister to them.


Chi L.