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Nicolae (Nicu) Vulpe pastors the Bethany Baptist Church in Pucioasa, Romania. His love and sincerity has been rewarded with much favor from the people in his community. Nicu is involved in shepherding, church planting, evangelism and teaching music to students as a means of reaching them for Christ. This month, he shares his own account of how the coronavirus has provided unique opportunities to present the gospel:

In spite of the lockdown, the Lord gave me many opportunities to share the Gospel. The authorities encouraged the people to get involved in volunteering, so our church took this opportunity. We took care of those in need and gave them the Gospel. The church decided to show Christian love by fulfilling certain needs of the people and by providing food for those in need.

One day, as I was distributing food supplies, I met Bogdan. We had a special discussion. He noticed I had a Bible in my car and wanted so much to have one. He told me that he had lost one of his children in an accident and his heart was grieving. Because of this, he decided to seek God. I was so happy to give him a Bible. I ask the Lord to reveal Himself to Bogdan and to show him mercy.

Mrs. Simona works at the Social Work Department in our town. One one occasion she asked our church to join one of their projects. After a short while, I understood that God wanted this lady to hear the Gospel. We talked for about two hours and she was very interested in what we discussed. I understood in a new way God’s commandment for the Israelites to leave grapes on their vines and not to gather the gleanings of their harvest. His care for foreigners to find grains that would lead them to the Bread of Life is manifested today through the ministry He has called us to. She asked for a Bible and promised to read it. She said she would like to talk to me again about what she reads in the Word of God. I pray that this soul will be soon added to God’s people!

Vasile is a sincere man. After having a good discussion, he appreciated the things he heard. He understood the truth I shared with him. I pray that this experience will be not only my friendship, but eternal life as well!

My neighbor, Cristi, is an educated man. He was a teacher his entire life. He is usually indifferent to the Gospel message. This time, after long discussions, he had a genuine interest in spiritual things. I praise the Lord for the wonderful opportunities He has given us to share the Gospel! We are anxious to see how the Word is going to work in our neighbors’ hearts.

Most of the people my wife and I talked to showed interest in the Gospel message as they were worried about the pandemic. Many people have heard the Gospel during this period with some being added to my prayer list. The thought that nonbelievers often see the resurrected Jesus through the believers and through the sharing of the Gospel makes me even more responsible for their souls!