HeartCry missionary Pavel Purcai serves under the oversight of the Philadelphia Church in Anenii Noi, Moldova. In recent years the sphere of his ministry has been expanded as he has been entrusted with more opportunities in his local church. This month, he relates some of his experiences in his personal evangelism endeavors:

“I was involved in my regular ministries this month such as preaching, leading the Bible study, the benevolent ministry, the weekly meetings with the church leaders, pastoral visits, and ministering to the church members that are going through difficult times.

I also had the opportunity to visit several people and families in the village of Calfa. I spoke to them about the meaning of the Lord’s resurrection. When I met these people I asked them if the resurrection was important and why. They all said it was important, but they couldn’t say why. So this was a good opportunity for me to speak to them about it’s importance, which confirmed his ministry on earth and his atonement for our sins. Then I asked them if they had a Bible and urged them to read it.

One older man was a nice surprise for me. He told me he had found a Bible in a deserted house. The Bible was wet when he found it, but he read it in the sunlight, so the pages became dry, page by page. He showed me the Bible, which was actually a New Testament. He was reading through Peter’s epistles and I urged him to read the New Testament again after he finished it. I also told him to pray every time before reading the Bible so that God would reveal himself to him and help him understand his Word.

The people that we visited welcomed us and listened to the gospel message. I hope to be able to visit them again and preach the Word. I give thanks to God for this opportunity to visit them and for the open door in the village of Calfa. There are only two Christian women in this village and I pray to be able to begin a Bible study group here.