Gang Ministry

In December 2015, we had several meetings with gang members and with the whole gang called the “Gaza Kids.” We had one goal with these meetings – to challenge these gangsters with the Gospel and to warn them of God’s wrath against them, especially those who shed blood. As I mentioned in an earlier report, from October to December 2015, seven kids were killed in our area due to gang violence.

We thank God for the opportunity to minister the gospel in the homes of these gang members, which presented opportunities for the rest of the family to also hear the gospel. We were able to comfort a grieving mother, her son (also a gangster), and the grandmother of one of the kids that was shot.

We thank God for His protection over us and that we had no violent confrontations with any of the gangs. We did have one verbal confrontation with a gang member who did not like us coming to pray and preach to them. Through God’s grace, that situation was quickly calmed down and we ended up sharing the Gospel with him and praying for him in the street. The “Gaulies” (another gang) also surrounded pastor Quinton’s car to rob him, but when they saw it was him, they apologized and left. Truly the hand of the Lord is with us.

Two weeks after we spoke to the “Gaza Kids,” we heard that they were harassing and threatening to kill believers that came from “New Year’s Eve” church services. This really broke our hearts, since it was the same guys we had spoken to and warned about God’s wrath. On the 1st of January 2016, a pickup truck full of “Gaza Kids” overturned and two died. The mother of one of the deceased said to those at the accident scene that this was a display of God’s wrath, and that the people must repent because God was speaking to them through these deaths. What an amazing testimony from a grieving mother that just lost her son! We had the privilege to once again preach the Gospel at the funeral services.

Growth of the Church

On a positive note, we thank God for adding to our number. We’ve had one profession of faith by one of the ladies that visited our church the whole of last year. Another family with 7 kids is joining us. We’ve seen many regular visitors coming to our services and we’re trusting God for the salvation of everyone that walks through our doors on a Sunday. We are currently doing a series on the Attributes of God. Please do pray for us.