Dear Partners in Christ, Greeting in the name of our Great God!

I praise and grateful to the Lord for what he has done in the past and also in the present. By the grace of God I am very joyful to be in the service of God.

There were lots of problems but God has been so gracious to help is move on by going to village after village and sharing the gospel and giving out tracts. This has been the habitual way to reach the lost people on our villages.

I was praying to be able to conduct a salvation campaign in a village which is few hour away from our town. God answered our prayer by giving me, together with some of my friends, the blessing of holding a small conference. We preached to eighty people for three consecutive days. What a blessing! To be able to conduct such kind of conference in a place like Dawei seems to be an impossible thing, but we always hold the promise of God and we trust him; nothing is impossible with Him. Afterwards, the chief villagers told us we can always go back there and share the good news. I praise the Lord for that; actually it was only because of your prayer and support.

Brother Peter Mang