Jose Luis Siancas Preaching

The Lord, once again, gave me the opportunity to preach the gospel. In December, we had four days of evangelistic preaching and at each of the meetings, there were between 50 and 60 people present. On this occasion, I emphasized what it means to deny yourself and I also explained that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves from the coming wrath—there is nothing we can do to change our ruined, sinful condition before God. I showed them from the Scriptures that if there is no repentance and faith in Christ, there is no salvation. All the joy of this world will perish. All that is known as a “good life” is merely a distraction from the reality of eternal condemnation.

I spoke on each occasion for about 40 minutes and it seemed that everyone was listening intently to the gospel. I am asking God to work salvation in the lives of those who heard. I should mention that the people present were the parents and family members of the children that are part of the Compassion International program in the community. Each time that I have the opportunity to speak to the family members, my goal is very straight-forward: I want to preach the gospel as many times as necessary to every person. 

After the series of sermons, I gave each person a copy of a sermon by C.H. Spurgeon entitled, “Jesus Christ Cannot Be Mocked.” Before printing it, I had to make some grammatical changes and adjust the Spanish a little to make it a little more understandable in our context. But this was worth the effort because this message is very encouraging and biblical.

Around 15 individuals approached me after the sermons and asked for Bibles because they want to read the Scriptures. One of the men that talked to me said that he was very sad. He told me about a health problem that he has had for two years. Crying, he told me that he thinks he is going to die because sometimes the pain makes him pass out and then he wakes up in the hospital. He thinks that it must be something very bad. Please pray for this man and the others. Pray that through their reading of the Scriptures they can come to see the Son of God and believe in Him for salvation. Also, pray for the opportunity to visit these people and that by God’s grace they will be brought to salvation.

Another great joy that I have had this month is being able to continue discipling two new families. As of last month, I was discipling three new families, but sadly, one of the couples has shown that they do not truly desire to know God and the love for the things of this world has them in its grip. Really, this saddens me, but I am also joyful for the way that the other two families are continuing in faithfulness to the Lord. One of them in particular is always calling me and asking me questions about the Word. He faithfully attends the prayer meetings and worship services on Sundays. I rejoice to see how God is working in his life and in the others that are being discipled. Please pray for these new brothers and sisters. Pray that they would persevere in the way of the Lord.