This month I went with brother Urbano Gomez to a place called Hualanga, which is very far away from our district in Pacaipampa. We decided to go there to evangelize because a few weeks ago we were hired by the town to do some work there, and while we were there we found out that there were no believers—they had never heard the gospel and there are no churches.

During that first visit, while we were working on the doors in one of the houses, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with the owner of the house and he was interested in hearing more. So we picked a time to sit down and talk more about the gospel. I shared with him from the Scriptures and told him about repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. Other people, too, were interested in the things we were saying and they invited us to come back and continue preaching to them. So, twenty days later Urbano and I returned.

It’s now the rainy season where we live, so when we returned it rained almost the whole time. I recently bought a motorcycle for travel in the mountains, but I’m still learning to drive it. So, I had a hard time driving through all of the mud to get up the mountain to Hualanga. Thankfully, we made it safely, and were able to begin preaching the gospel like we’d planned.

Over the years we’ve gotten used to traveling when it’s cold and rainy, and it doesn’t discourage us from continuing with our mission to preach. Many of the houses that we wanted to visit are a long way away from the road, so we had to leave our motorcycles behind and walk through the mud and the rain, sometimes thirty minutes, sometimes an hour, sometimes two hours, to get to the homes. But, that’s the duty the Lord has given us in Hualanga, and that’s our duty in Christ. We have the responsibility to preach the gospel there, even when it’s difficult.

As we began going through the town from door to door and preaching the gospel, our hearts were filled with sadness because there are so many people that need to hear the gospel, but no one is there to preach to them. But, we give thanks to God, because we found that many people that we shared the gospel with wanted to hear more and invited us to come back again. We were encouraged and are planning to go back soon to continue preaching.