Another of the sisters that was baptized in April is named Sonia. I have already told you a little bit about her in another report. Sonia came into the evangelical world about two years ago, but sadly she did it in a mega-church that preached the “prosperity gospel” (which is in no way the gospel!). Sonia is a woman that has suffered greatly; her ex-husband even wanted to kill one of her daughters. She also has many needs, as she works two jobs to support her two daughters and has no permanent place to live. The false gospel that she was hearing did nothing but make her wounds even bigger and deepened her spiritual darkness.

Nonetheless, though she did not know God, somehow she was moved to cry out for a church that would teach her who God is and help her leave behind her sin. Shortly after that, she discovered us. Oh, what humility and joy it brings me to know that Family of Grace Church was the answer to her prayers! It was not easy for her to come to us, since the false church she was a part of tried to impede her many times and in different ways.

Now, after much effort in prayer, after preaching the Gospel, after demonstrating the love of the Gospel to her, the story ends (or begins rather!) with Sonia being baptized and occupying a seat at the table of Family of Grace. Her conversion has been very clear, giving fruits of repentance that are obvious. She is the same woman that we wrote about in a prior report, who confessed to her boss that she had robbed her throughout the years of her employment. Jesus Christ had changed her and she was repentant. That story ended with Sonia sharing the Gospel with her boss while she listened attentively to what she was hearing! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Another sister that was baptized this month is named Sheila, who is Sonia’s niece. Sheila is very young, seventeen, and is just finishing up her last year in school. Sheila used to attend the mega-church along with Sonia. After coming and going many times as she heard the gospel in our church, Sheila began to become increasingly indifferent. But it was the last bullet that drilled her heart!

In a public park, after hearing the gospel of the holiness and love of God in Christ yet another time, Sheila cried out to the Savior for mercy. And she was received! Sheila’s past is not an easy one, but the work of God in her is such that it amazes us to see her enthusiasm and zeal for Christ. I am moved as I think of the kindness that we have received in having Sheila seated at the table with us. I cannot think about her without being sweetly overwhelmed by the grace of the Father!