Beloved brothers and sisters, once again it is a great privilege to write a report as I meditate on the work of the Lord in the midst of our church. Such is the covenant that He has made with us; He is the primary character and protagonist in our story.

This past month has been the most restful so far this year, both spiritually and emotionally. Until now, this entire year has been extremely intense. Throughout the year we have rejoiced in various conversions, and at the same time we have been attacked and tried in different ways, at times in very strong ways. Even though I am never really exempt from internal longings (and I do not think I will ever be until I cross into heaven), this month I have experienced an increase in these longings. I have grown in my anxiousness, though not in a bad sense. I am satisfied with Jesus, and I glory in the cross and in all that He is.

I boast in all that He promises to be for me, without needing to merit anything through any achievements based on personal piety or ministerial success. But at the same time, during this past month, my longing to see more of His glory, both in secret and in public, has consumed me. The need that we are suffering in this country is similar to the hunger of the 5,000 men who followed Jesus (without counting women and children!): we only have five loaves of bread and two fish, which are insufficient to feed such a great multitude. In this same way, in our country the need for the Gospel and true discipleship is enormous. With much prayer I have felt the conviction to make better use of media and of evangelism in our neighborhoods. Pray that the Lord would give us love, courage, resources, and laborers; that He would give us all that we need to be effective.

Some of the believers in our congregation have passed through severe tribulations. The devil has risen against them with vehemence; though, as always, we see that all his attacks only prove to be in participation with our sanctification. I have dedicated more time specifically to intercession this month. I do not know what the Lord has predetermined for the future of this church (oh, that it would be a revival!), but without a doubt, He is purifying us rapidly through afflictions. Oh, may the Lord raise up spiritual leaders in our church that many believers might be helped through us!

We are following up with many people we have been able to meet through evangelism and we are also seeking to grow our relationships with other churches in Argentina that are in need of help. Pray that the Lord would grant us abundant help to be able to meet with victory all of the needs that lay ahead of us.