As always, it is a great joy to reflect together with you all on the work of God in the Family of Grace Church in Rosario, Argentina and in my own life. Thank you all for your prayers and I ask you to continue praying for us.

This month a group of believers from La Matanza, Buenos Aires visited our church in Rosario. In that zone of the city, there is a new church plant beginning. I have been able to counsel the leaders of the church in its initial stages, and we have maintained a good relationship with the believers there. A group of seven people spent fours days with us in Rosario, in order to receive intensive discipleship. Of the seven that came, three were leaders of the church.

We spent the four days teaching on biblical meditation, prayer, true conversion, the holiness of God, church membership, and also church discipline. The time invested in these believers seems to have been fruitful. God is granting them greater understanding in just a short amount of time and several of them have responded to the teaching with a spirit of humility and with a hunger to obey. Pray for them, and please, ask God to grant us more laborers in order to be able help the church in La Matanza with their needs; and not only them, but also many more that have opened the door for us to help.

Recently a young man moved to Rosario from another city called Nueve de Julio. We met him a few months ago, and he has been traveling many hours each weekend in order to be with the congregation in Rosario. Eventually, after we were able to spend a lot of time with him, the Lord opened the door for him to find a job and move closer in order to be among the believers here. He is full of enthusiasm and desire to serve the Lord in the Family of Grace Church.

While we were speaking with him he said, “Even if I am not able to assume any great responsibility in ministry here, I still want to be a part of the church family… I only want to know more of my Lord; I only want to be taught more about Him.” This brother is further evidence of the great need for true churches in our country! He spent seven years in a heretical sect, but he has now come to know and cling to the Gospel of the Grace of Christ. Please, I urge you to take upon yourselves some of our burden by praying for a revival in Argentina!