Hello, beloved brothers and sisters. As I sit to write this report, I am amazed as I think of the intensity of the Christian life. Before my conversion, I would have never imagined that I would ever have such an exciting life, filled with different stages, adventures, and continual discoveries, which only increase as we come to know more and more the God that has called us to follow Him.

I would like to share with you some testimonies from the month of October. The Lord has caused us to humble ourselves even more through the arrival of a lady and her children to our church. A couple years ago, this lady began attending one of the largest false churches in our city. After some time, the Lord began to awaken her to the truth of the Gospel, and she was led to our congregation through our website. This lady spent two hours each day pleading with the Lord in desperation to lead her to the truth of the Gospel and that He would allow her to find a church that preached the truth. Her life has been one of extreme pain and difficulty, and in many ways it still is even now, and the false teachers of the prosperity gospel have aggravated to an even greater extent the burdens she bears. Really, meeting her has strengthened our burden, prayer, and effort to find more of the many believers that are still caught in these false movements. This situation has spurred us on to cry out for a revival week after week.

Also in October, Esteban and I were given the opportunity to travel to Peru to a conference in Lima with pastor Sugel Michelen. In addition to all that we were able to learn in his classes, we were even more blessed by his humility; the kind of humility that makes a man very accessible, pleasant, and affectionate. We were also strengthened by the fellowship with great brothers and friends in Peru; they are true warriors of the faith. During this trip I was also reminded of the need to be looking in every moment for evangelistic opportunities, since we do not know in which moment God might bring us into contact with one whom He has chosen for salvation. It was surprising to see one day, while we were eating lunch in a restaurant, a man who heard us talking about Christ come over and say, “I need you to tell me which is the way that leads to God. I have tried to take my own life, and I can’t continue like this any longer.”

Please do not stop praying for us. Pray for more laborers in our church and open doors to spread the Gospel. Thank you for taking the time to read this report, and for your compassion and prayers for us.