Dear Heartcry, In the grace of Savior Jesus Christ, first of all let me send the greeting to all your family and ask God to bless the missionary program of HeartCry, including Vietnam.

Not by coincidence that we know you but God gave His servant, Pastor Solomon, to introduce us to you. We want people to know Jesus Christ for salvation. I do not want you to be disappointed in us. Please pray for us to then by all ways we preach the Gospel to the people of Vietnam.

Thank God, thank the Board of HeartCry for support financially for our family so that we have enough to spend in the family and no difficulty through financial problems.

In May, after worship on Sunday, we visit Miss T., who we testified to God to her. We prayed for her, knowing she was sick with hypertension and told her she should listen to the doctor to take medicine regularly every day. That night, after the worship at Baptist Joshua Church, we bought food and visited her, prayed, and shared the Word of God with her. I saw she was very happy and we too. Currently, she is very strong. A few days ago, in the evening, she had visited my family and invited us to dinner; we have happy communion with her and she continues to hear the Word of God and to live in the love of the Church. We pray God blesses her with an open her heart and she will receive Jesus as her Savior soon.

Also, my wife and I have associated with a staffing ministry in District 8 to organize meals for 14 people, 12 of whom were believers through this program, and they led to 2 new people to Christ. Expected in the coming period, we will teach the Word of God to them and continue to expand this program in many different locations such as Le Minh Xuan, Nhi Xuan and Go Vap. From this program, the Church created a lot of good relationships and gradually lead them to the Lord, lightly, effective and in-depth.

During the month of March we started using the book “Theology of Christian Practice” to be taught in Bible studies at a believer’s home in Friday night with the theme, “Building the Church of God.” Brothers learned about prayer, dedication, faith, and how to preach the gospel. God bless on the pastor, on the Board of HeartCry, above all things that the servants of God are made to glorifies His name.

In Christ Chi G.