Dear friends and supporters,

I would love to give you, all friends and supporters in HeartCry, my best regards and love. May grace and peace go out to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. You are reading the month’s information of activities and accomplishments from us in the monthly report of October. May God pour his grace, care, and love on all of you and this report will continually encourage you in many ways.

I am thankful to God that through another month He has kept us safely in His loving hands. My work as a pastor in the church is going on very well. I taught the Bible every Sunday service. Besides, I still keep the habit of visiting and encouraging believers in the church to see how they live and what are the difficulties they are facing. I am truly thankful to God that our newcomer, Mr. Van, has attended a month already.

In October, I had a visit a Commune to preach about Gospel for people living in that location. This month also I met and testified the Gospel to another fellow. He was a soldier serving in the Republic of Vietnam military force. He lost a part of his left foot in the war. Finishing the war as the soldier in the losing side, he does not receive any subsidy after the war and it is hard to make ends meet. He also had an adopted daughter who is fifty years old now, but it is heartbreaking to know she is also disabled. It is apparently a miserable situation, and I find it necessary to help them somehow. I am beginning to share the Gospel with him, praying for his difficulty, and trying to help him with my ability.

I am thankful so much for every opportunity God has given me in the month. That is such a grace to see the church is beginning to grow up. And I am praying hard to God for the church to continue this good work for the next month. I am so hoping that I would have better news for you in the next monthly report. Please keep praying for our ministry in this country. With my appreciation, I am truly thankful to you, all brothers and sisters in HeartCry who are dedicating to work for God.

Faithfully yours, Due H.