Dear brothers and sisters and all the supporters of HeartCry,

Here is a recent photo of our family. Our little Juda is developing very well and of course demands a lot of attention. He keeps us busy, especially at night. The older three boys always want to go with me when I have speaking engagements. Those are often pleasant and precious moments. We really enjoy our children and are increasingly aware that each child is different. It requires a lot of wisdom and patience to raise them up in the fear of the Lord.

We thank you for your care and support of our family and ministry. We trust that the Lord will provide all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Please know that you all are an important link, through which subsequently many more people are being blessed by the Lord.

Aside from the many weekend speaking engagements in various churches, I started a number of new weekday Bible study series during the month of September. In Werkendam we come together to study the book of Ephesians during our ‘Bible-Open-Nights’. In Oud-Beijerland we’re going through the book of Romans verse by verse. And in my place of birth, ‘s-Gravenzande, I’m teaching 7 Bible studies on the tabernacle. Each time I teach I experience it as a great joy and a special privilege that the Lord has called us to this work.

Next to speaking engagements, we also stay busy with pastoral work. We do this by e-mail, telephone, or through face-to-face counseling. What was beautiful to me recently was the request of a young brother to guide/disciple him now that he has started studying theology. Every so often we get together for conversation, prayer, and mutually sharing our hearts. It’s precious to be able to do so.

For years I have been part of the Board of the Heart Cry Foundation, Holland (separate from HeartCry Missionary Society). This movement has two major objectives. First: teaching on spiritual deepening, and secondly, as an extension of the first objective, we want to highlight the need and possibility of revival. It is a true privilege to see how the Lord has used this movement throughout the years in the Netherlands to not only bring people to faith and conversion, but also to equip His children for works of service. Recently the new website of the Heart Cry Foundation, Holland was launched. More than worth the effort to take a look:

The year 2017 is regarded as the year of Reformation. We’re remembering that 500 years ago the Lord used God-fearing men to bring the church back to the Word of God. The Reformation – though not perfect – was also a great blessing due to the inventing of the printing press. The Bible was able to be read in homes by lay-people in their own language. Currently, I’m speaking in several towns about the Reformation and am using the theme ‘Remember or Revive?’ It is important to remember God’s great deeds in the past in the light of the fact that He is the same today and throughout eternity.

For a while now, the Christian television channel Family7 has been broadcasting the short videos of my DVD entitled ‘Born to Grow’. In 23 basic lessons I teach on the foundations of the Christian faith. One learns in a practical way what the Bible says about discipleship and how to apply that knowledge in one’s daily life. Each lesson is a 7–8 minute film. Through Family7 I have an open door to a large audience to pass on the Gospel. We’re receiving regular responses from different parts of the country that show us that the Lord is blessing these videos. Glory to God!