Pastor Ndhlovu has often shared in previous reports the struggles of starting a new church. His latest report is full of rejoicing, first, for the power of Christ in transforming a life, and second, for a new roof over the section of their building that serves as a children’s classroom. During the rainy season (November to March), these kids will learn the Bible in a dry classroom, thanks to the generous giving of HeartCry donors.

“One of the hardest things with a church that is just beginning is that most of the people are in the first steps of maturity, and that means more problems and more sin to deal with. Yet even a new church gets to experience peaceful moments and see growth in people.

One of our praises to God is seeing Bana Shekinah (mother of Shekinah), our regular church attender, growing in grace. We have been with this lady for about a year now. She got saved through women’s evangelism, and since then we have been watching her closely and, thank God, she has been faithfully attending church meetings. Just to fill in a bit of this woman’s history: firstly she is HIV positive and on medicine. She had a bad temper most of the time, and she used to fight with her husband. Her husband is not saved and does not worship with us, but we keep on sharing God’s word whenever we find him at home, and he freely talks with us. Just last month he was confessing the great change he has seen in his wife. They are now living peacefully and she does not argue with him like she used to. Even the neighbors are talking about the change they have seen in her. These things brought great joy to my soul to see that God is at work.

Our church also thanks God for a wonderful prayer answered. We’ve been praying to finish repairing the rest of our building for a long time. (For the amazing story of this building, see this post.) Specifically, we have been praying to have our children’s Sunday School Room covered. By God’s grace, HeartCry Missionary Society donated the funds to finish the roof on the building. Thankfully, we were able to finish putting up the roofing and during the work there were no injuries that occurred. The building is now looking very good as one completed structure. It is comforting to know that our children will be learning from inside a building, without running from the rains when they come.”