Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is my privilege to share the work of the Lord how He used me on the month of March.

The Lord is gracious to us and He is guiding us. In one month our new fellowship group has outgrown our small meting place. Not only is God enlarging the meetings, God is also helping me to extend His kingdom through His strength.

There is a brother whose name is Rajkumar. He was sick and was on his bed. Because of his sickness he had discontinued his school. When I heard about him I went to visit him. I shared the good news to him and also prayed to him. Now he is little better and coming to church. This month I had privilege to share the gospel to Jagath Bahadur and his four friends. Though they did not seem interested in the gospel, pray God give them a desire to respond the Gospel.

I had a privilege to meet a sister whose name is Mina and she was very sick. She has received treatments for many years but had no any positive result. After coming to the church, she is feeling better than before. I am sharing the Good News with her and the hope of the gospel. Let God heal her spiritual disease and live for God. May God give her more grace as she struggle with her physical sickness. We hope in Christ that His mighty work can see in her life in days to come.

Thanks to God for His guidance in my ministry and also blessing in my family. Also thanks to Heartcry Missionary Society for your great support and prayers for my life and the labor for the Gospel together.


Chandra Bahadur Chettri Ananta Church; Nuwakot-Palpa