Baptism Vietnam

The following post is from our partner in Asia and is unnamed, and the pictures are blurred for the protection of the church (ed.).

In Asia, we recently invited a few friends from other ethnic groups to attend the church’s worship group. They heard the gospel, and we talked after the service concerning what they heard and understood about Jesus Christ.

They answered that it was all new to them, but they are interested in God’s religion. They did not respond with repentance and faith, but they want to learn more and consider Christianity’s claims.

It has been several months since we have had a baptism at the church. Sometimes ministry is difficult, and it is easy to be discouraged. There have been occasions when those who professed faith have turned away from Christ even though the church encouraged them diligently to remain faithful. However, we thank God that recently several professed faith and desire to be baptized. We praise God that He works His sovereign will, bringing men and women to trust in the Son of God.

Because of Covid restrictions, we could not rent a swimming pool for the baptisms and were forced to baptize in the ocean on a very windy day and larger waves than usual. However, it was a very encouraging time to see new converts take up their cross to follow Christ Jesus. Please pray for the new converts.

Pastor Binh