Dear loving brethren, may the Lord continue to use you in his kingdom for his glory. We are very thankful for your loving kindness, which is overflowing, in our life. We continue to pray for you that the Lord will magnify his name through your wonderful testimony. Thank you so much for your unceasing report.

Ministry Details:

Thanks to the donors of HeartCry Missionary Society.I and my wife are over joy for what the Lord has done in our life. We have been praying for this long time ago. The place where we worshipped was always flooded and we had a hard time in the past year (pictured on left). But after a long prayer the Lord eventually provided a wonderful beautifully church building (pictured at top). We have already finished our project just last month. And now we are not any more worry about the water. Praise the Lord for his marvelous work.

Also, please pray for us as we are expecting a child! Sincerely, Davamoe Lyan