In the grace of God, I am studying the Bible and also the book of “Church Membership,” which is an excellent book. I am thankful for the writer. In the past, I had some understanding of church membership, but through this book, I have gained a much greater understanding. Who should be given responsibilities in the church has become clear. I used to give responsibilities to all who would attend the church. I had no biblical understanding that who is the church member, and who is not. Therefore, I used to give responsibilities to those who were not baptized and members, like leading the worship service, teaching in Sunday school, etc… Looking back, I feel like I was a blind leader. I feel so sad when I realize all those mistakes that I have done in past time, but I rejoice in His rebuke. I am very thankful to God that He has given His truth through various training and excellent books in our own language. Thanks to the Almighty God from my bottom of heart for His wonderful truth to us. Truly, I will study this book seriously, diligently, and I will teach these truths in the church. Please do pray that God’s grace may be upon me to lead His church according to the Bible.


Please pray: Mrs. Bishnu is continuing the church services. She is a widow from a Hindu Brahmin family. I am sharing the true gospel with her and encouraging her to believe in the Lord. The Lord is at work, we must be patient. She has to attend the church secretly because she is from a Hindu orthodox family and society. It is difficult for her to openly confess Christ at this point, but she is pressing on. In the grace of God, she is continuing to learn about the Lord. I am praying that God will give her strength and faith until the end.

Mrs. Rakha is also attending the church. She is the lone believer from her family, and she is lonely. Her husband has rejected her, kicked her out of the house, and now she is staying at her mother’s house. Her husband is not caring for her and is not fulfilling his responsibility. In God’s grace, I continue to minister to her. Please pray that the Lord would move greatly in this situation.  


I am very thankful to God for upholding my marriage. On July 1, we celebrated our 25th marriage anniversary with an anniversary program. Pastor Nick led the program and Pastor Silas shared the message from Ephesians 5:22-25. It was an encouraging message, which addressed both believers and non-believers who were in attendance in this program. I had invited some non-believing friends and relatives so they could hear the gospel. I am thankful to God for this program. May God work saving faith in the hearts of all who attended.   

Quick story: One day I went to a tea shop I had the privilege to be introduced to a young man, 22 years old. I had the opportunity to share the gospel to him. I told him about the condition of sinful man, the love of God, the work of Christ, and mans required response to His truth (repent and believe). I also told him about the judgment that would fall on all non-believers. I then encouraged him to attend the church to learn more about God’s Word. In the grace of God, He has been coming to the fellowship. I am visiting him from time to time, and nurturing him in the truth. It is my prayer that God would bring him into His kingdom. Please do pray for him.


Update: In the grace of God, I visited the believers in Ghorli Kharka once again. They were very happy and were praising God for His grace. The believers have been requesting that would visit them every week. In these days, because of monsoon season, I am having to go by foot, hiking up and down and crossing mountains. I am visiting them twice a month. Through the Word of God, I am encouraging them to continue in their faith and in the Lord. In the grace of God, they are gathering together and listening to the recordings that we made and sent to them in times past. They are also now faced with false teaching and deceptive doctrine. I am counseling them through these things, and visiting them through phone conversations. May God sustain them.