This month I visited Mr. Denish. He is a faithful believer, but his wife, son, and other family members are not Christian. They all attended the Christmas program we had months ago, but they are not converted. In these days Mr. Denish has really struggled in his marriage. His wife is against Denish’s faith and is trying to take him back to Hinduism. As she is pressuring to him to leave Christianity, their relationship is growing worse. I am meeting with him to counsel and encourage him to continue in the faith, even through these difficulties. At the same time, I’m instructing him on how to love his wife. On my last visit, I encouraged his wife in gospel matters. By His grace, she responded positive, while the rest of the family responded negatively. Please pray for Mr. Denish, that God may give grace and strength to continue his faith in Christ. Please do pray for him and his wife and his family members.


I am very glad and thankful to the Lord, who is Mighty and Faithful. I rejoice to tell you, that after 8 months, I finally got the privilege to visit the church in Ghorlikharka. I didn’t go the same route as before (where the Hindu groups had stopped me), but I went from another route to visit the believers there. I was thrilled to visit them after such a long time. We were both deeply moved by Christ’s love- with tears and great joy in the Lord. We had a great time of fellowship around the message of John 4:27-35. I encouraged them to look at the True Christ, and serve Him no matter what. We spent a long time talking to each other about their spiritual life and family life. I am thankful to God for sustaining His Church and leading them in Him. I am praying that God would continue to help and give me safety as I visit this church in the future. Praise God for the open doors to visit again! Do pray for me and the believers of Ghorlikharka.   

I visited Mr. Bir this month. He is new and attending the church, but is not a believer. Therefore, I went to visit him and talk with him. He told me that he can’t commit his life completely to Christ because of his family. I encouraged him from God’s Word, but did not hide the cost of following Christ. I also reminded him about the sinfulness of man, the work of Christ, and the judgment that is coming. I called them to repentance and faith, and told them to submit their life to Christ for their salvation. The family did not respond, but Mr. Bir seems to still be interested and drawn to the Lord. May God save him and his family. Please do pray.

Thanks to God for guiding me in studying His Word. I recognize that it is only through Him that I have the strength to understand. I’m currently studying a book on church membership, and seeking to understand church discipline in a greater way. Honestly, it is difficult for me to grasp all those difficult words in mind, but I am praying that He will help me to understand and remember these truths. They have humbled me, for in seeing them, I have also seen my many mistakes in the past. May God help me in the coming days. Thankful to HeartCry and for your great help in training us and leading us in Biblical truth. Thank you for your great love and labor. I am praying for you all. May God help you extend His gospel. Please do pray for me and my ministry. God bless you.