Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my privilege to share what God has done in this month.

Ministry Activities

Though I do not have high education, God is helping me to do His gospel work in my local place. Also, thanks to HeartCry for giving the great teaching over and over which is helping me to do His Gospel work. In this month God helped me to evangelize various people groups. I shared the gospel with twenty-five people this month. Among them five persons are showing interest in the gospel, and by the grace of God two of them are coming regularly to the church. I am praying that God may give them the truth and come to saving faith.

In our cottage meeting we are using the book Fifty Reasons why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper that has been translated into Nepalese. It is very helpful book to understand the gospel for our men and women. It is a blessing going through the book to help understand the right view of the cross. We are using this book as a tool for the gospel ministry. May God may work in the hearts of men and women to see the beauty of the cross and bring more fruits in their life.

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for those people who heard the gospel that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts.
  • Please pray for the life of our believers that we may grow more in Him.
  • Please pray for my children for their spiritual growth and their schooling.


Dal Bahadur Paswan