Thanks to the almighty God for His grace and strength to extend His kingdom. Also thanks to God for supplying our needs to complete our church meeting place. Pabitra Church Shantinagar (mother church) and other some churches of RCN supported financially to complete this work. The local church believers did manual works in various ways to help. Thanks to God for His provisions.

In these days I am studying the book “Living by the Book.” I am very thankful to God for receiving this book in my life. It is helping me to grow in His holiness and live for Christ. In this book I learned that from God’s power, His chosen one live according to the power of the gospel and to be a witness of the gospel. This made me to examine my life in the Lord while encouraging me to be witness for Him. God may help me to grow, and to be witness of Him day to day for His glory.

In this month I and my wife went to visit Mrs. Santa Nepali. She is a widow. She has been attending the church for two years. Now, she is willing to take baptism and has joined the baptism class. I made a personal visit with her to try and understand how far she is in God’s words and her commitment in Christ. So I asked her about baptism, salvation, work of Christ, her responsibility towards Christ etc. She said that she is illiterate, but she wants to believe in Christ and love Him. I told her that to love Christ is to obey Him and trust in Him. I encouraged her that it is necessary to born again in Christ in order to receive salvation and that we need to believe in Christ. Also I told about the baptism. She was happy to hear this. We prayed for her and encouraged her to grow in the Lord. Once again thanks to God for His grace and mercy for all this. Also thanks to HeartCry for your support, prayer, teachings, supplying books in our language. God may bless you.

Prayer Requests: Thanks to God for supplying our needs to finish the meeting palace. Please pray for the believers for their spiritual growth in the Lord. Pray for the people those who are willing to have baptism.


Neel G.