I am very thankful to God for giving the responsibility to look after His flock. James 3:1 always hits me and reminds me of my responsibility God has given. This verse reminds me to be faithful and diligent. Therefore, in these days I am more concern about my responsibility from God, so that I am doing hard work. I am studying God’s word and visiting the believers and encouraging them to walk according to God’s word.

 Moreover the teaching about

“The Qualification of the Leaders”

challenged me. Brother J.S. told that the leader must manage his own household and lead the children in obedience because God has given this responsibility. Throughout this conference I saw many weaknesses in my life and also in my ministry. I am correcting myself and seeking to grow in Him. It is my heartfelt prayer to God to lead me in Him and may help to do His ministry faithfully.

 In the grace of God, the weekly ministry is going well. We are going through the book of Acts. Now we arrived in chapter 21. From this chapter I am preaching about God’s sovereignty and the work through His chosen people to accomplish His mission even in difficulties. From this truth I encouraged to my believers to extend His mission, no matter what it costs. May God use every one of us to be witnesses and extend His kingdom.

In this month, we visited to Mr. Bhim. Mr. Bhim doesn’t attend the fellowship regularly and has a bad reputation in the village. Though he confesses that he believes in Christ and has been following Him for many years, there are no fruits in his life. I had already visited him many times and encouraged him to have good relationship with Christ. But not any changes and fruits. Therefore we elders and church committee went to visit him. We counseled him, but he rejected it, saying that he is the oldest believer. I opened 1 John 2:3-6 and told him that those who proclaim that they are Christian should follow Christ and obey Him. After long time counseling, he promised to change his life in Christ. In His grace let God may give strength to trust Him completely and follow in Him with wholeheartedly.

Praise God that that brother Jimmy Li gave us training in God’s word. The topic

“Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”

was a relevant subject to us. We got such an opportunity to know the biblical truth in God’s mighty plan. Brother Jimmy taught about God’s order of Creation form Genesis 1-3. He taught the roles of biblical manhood and womanhood in marriage life. He taught about the leadership of man in the church and shows that women can’t be a pastor. In those classes he taught practically regarding about marriage, choosing life partner, singleness, role of women in the church and the role of Pastors, parent, church members. Thanks to God for this wonderful conference. God bless brother Jimmy.

Once again, I would like to give thanks to God for His wonderful plan to strengthen His churches through sound teaching and equipping us from His words to extending His kingdom. It is also my thanks to HeartCry for your labor to train us in sound doctrine.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mr. Bhim and his family. Pray for Mr. Suraj and his sister Mr. Roshni for their faith in Christ. Specially pray for Mr. Roshni that God may show the way for her. Please pray for me that I may grow more in the Lord and may do ministry faithfully.


Neel G.