Greeting to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God the weekly church services are going well. In these days, we are having baptism classes. Lord willing, on November 18, we will baptize 7 people. They are all attending these classes. Some are weaker than others in their biblical knowledge, but we trust God may help us guide these brothers and sisters well. Even some teenage children have joined the classes to learn more about baptism. They will not be baptized, but just want to know the truth about it.

In this month, I visited Gawmati. She is 78 years old. As I previously reported, she was the woman who murdered her husband. I talked to her about this once again. What she told me was very painful. She bears many scars. She told about her husband. He was not a normal man. He was not a mad person, but his attitude was completely worse. He used to leave the house and stay in the jungle. He would throw the food she cooked for him and tell her to cook it again, only to do the same thing. He treated her like an animal. She took him to doctor, but the doctor told her that he was normal. She took him to the witch doctor, but he couldn’t cure him. As time passing he began doing worse and worse things. On the day it happened, he was beating her. While reacting against his actions the accident occurred. It was not intentional, but was an accident. She surrendered to the government police, found guilty, and locked in jail for 20 years. Because of her good behavior, she only stayed for 8 years. After she was freed from the jail, she couldn’t stay in her village because of her past life and the attitude of the village people and her own relatives. So she left the mountains and came down to the plain where she is now. In God’s grace she heard about Jesus in the jail, and after coming to the plain one of her relatives (who is our church member), shared the gospel with her. She brought her in the church service and introduced her to me. I told her about the work of Christ. I shared with her about the forgiveness of sins. She was not sure the Lord could forgive her regarding her husband’s murder. I showed her the Scriptures. She was very happy. I had never seen her face look like this before. She told me that she will follow Christ until her last breath. I am very thankful to God that she is attending the church regularly. I and my wife , and fellow elder, are guiding her. It is my prayer that she may grow in the Lord- and that her son, daughter in-law, and grandchildren may know Christ.

Please continue to pray for Mrs. Roshni. She is not allowed to attend the church because of her husband. Her husband warned her, that if she goes to church, he will divorcé her. It is very difficult in her life. She has been beaten by her husband in the past. He is not allow us to visit her. We have only way to pray for her. May God grant her strength to continue to believe in Christ. We pray for her husband’ salvation.

Once again, I would like to give thanks to God for His grace and love and His truth in my life.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for those people who are preparing for baptism. Please pray for Gawmati and her family. Please pray for me that God may lead me to do His ministry faithfully.


Neel G.