It must be and cannot be other than the wisdom of our infinitely wise God to choose such weak means as preaching and mutual care and love to build up and protect the most precious thing in this world: the church of the living God.

And yet, isn’t the preaching of the Word of God by the power of the Spirit stronger than all the powers of this world? Isn’t it the impact of God’s Word that has moved His people throughout the centuries? Isn’t it His Word that has been proclaimed in Christ to all nations, turning the whole world upside down? Yes, just by preaching the Word of God. And haven’t countless kings, Caesars, and societies tried to destroy the Church? Why does the church prove stronger than military might and all earthly powers? It is because the church is bound together by love, protected in unity and mutual care.

This month I marveled anew at the good hand of the Lord over His people, proving that there is precious treasure in earthen vessels.


In preaching through the gospel of John, I finished chapter 7 this month and began with chapter 8. Both chapters teach about the big contrasts between Jesus and the natural man. From John 7:25-36 I exposed the contrast of His true home, showing Jesus’ true heavenly origin and his glorious destination, against man’s earthly origin and fatal destination if he stays in unbelief.

From John 7:37-39 I preached on the fulfillment in Christ, as he says: “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.” Dealing with the real thirst, the great invitation and the glorious promise has been a great comfort and refreshment for my own soul.

The passage John 7:40-52 brought up the true reason for all the hatred and enmity against Jesus. It is the evil will of men. The conversation about his birthplace is a spurious argument. Their treatment of Nicodemus shows, how their mind is full of self-righteous mocking.

From John 8:1-11, I developed three scenarios out of the story that the whole New Testament gives great evidence for. First, that it is the law that catches man in the act. Second, it is Christ that unveils even our deceitful heart. And third, it is Him who gives us a new and free life, if we trust not in our own righteousness, but wholly in his.


In the church Bible study we try to equip the members with some further knowledge and insight about the books of the Bible and help them to read the Scriptures personally for practical benefit. Our hope is that as they study the Bible for themselves, they will be led to marvel at the attributes of God and to seek promises of Christ in the OT.

This month I taught on the book 2 Chronicles, dealing with the great aim of the book, which is to encourage the returned exiles to trust anew in their God of covenant and to seek Him. Therein we see that God blesses those who honestly seek him, but punishes those who reject his word. In all the detailed accounts of the good kings and the many details of temple worship, we can also learn that God delights in spiritual and practical service.

Another lesson this month was on Jesus the High Priest, who is a “fitting” High Priest for us (Hebrews 7:25-26). I taught, that “it was indeed fitting that we should have such a high priest” not merely because of Jesus’ similarity to us, but also because of his great “otherness”, being holy, unstained, set apart, etc. And he is fitting because he is truly effective to “save to the uttermost”.

Church Life

With great joy we look forward to the baptism of a dear sister who has been converted and wants to become part of the church. Please pray for her, that the Lord might strengthen her and bless her through the Word and the love in the church by his Spirit.

Missionary Report

Gaius’ June Report

Gaius’ June Report