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In 2020 HeartCry was greatly encouraged by the gospel advances in Myanmar. The following excerpts are from 3 missionaries describing the present situation during the military coup and the past blessings experienced before the coup. Please pray as the situation is very concerning.

A church leader expressed how the coup will negatively impact them:

“We have no missionaries’ support funds at our mission office. Our Children’s home funds will be over after two weeks. After that, what and how? The only hope that we have is God alone. God will make a way for His children. This is a time to wrestle with God who can intervene in a hopeless situation.”

Before the Coup Pastor Nakaji Ro shared this encouraging report:

“In December, the Lord allowed me to preach in a youth conference. I was able to challenge them from the word of God concerning “The Need to Serve the Lord” in the Last Days.” There were 120 young people attended, and young people, surrendered their life to serve the Lord. Praise God for the outcome!!”

“We have been praying as a church to reach out to many families in our village. The Lord allowed us again this opportunity. We needed some financial provision for this ministry. God provided on time. We prepared a special gift for all the families of the village. And I shared the gospel with over 60 people. I pray that the seed will grow in their heart. I am so grateful to have this opportunity.”

“My wife has been feeling a burden for her relatives who are not Christians. The Lord opened the door for us to have time with them, and I could share the gospel with them. What a blessing it was to our hearts. My wife was rejoicing for this matter.”

Also, Pastor David Y. communicated the following:

“Through our evangelization, souls were saved and got baptized and disciples have been made. And seeing the spiritual growth of our church members is such a great delight for a missionary pastor like me. Our young people are getting ready to go to Bible College. It has been my prayer that many of our young people will surrender their lives to serve God. So I am very excited to see them surrender.”

“The Lord has opened the door for me to be able to witness six souls during Christmas time. They all are young people. I explained to them the plan of salvation. And when I asked them, they all said they understood. So I continue to follow them up at the moment. They are candidates to be baptized in the next few months. Please continue to pray for them.”

Again, we ask for your fervent prayers for Myanmar. Pray the doors that were opened will remain and God will open many doors in the face of great opposition.



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