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Dear HeartCry and Supporters,

Throughout the past month, I have been traveling and teaching at different churches with my local coworkers. In the first week of February, we were able to organize the first conference outside our denomination at Thailand-Myanmar border. The Gospel was clearly preached and sound teaching on ecclesiology and biblical leadership were also received by around 80 attendees from local churches. Again it was through your support that we could plan it and finish it well. They were so receptive and thoroughly enjoyed listening to our teaching. At the end of the conference, they all asked us to return and teach them again next year. It is evident that they never heard the Gospel and other doctrines preached in such a way we did it. Their response was so encouraging. Overall, it was delightful, fruitful, and worthwhile.

We spared no effort to preach the Gospel and to build up the believers as the Lord enabled us. I taught and preached at four other local churches two to three days in each place, including the church I pastor. It has been a hectic and tiresome time of the year. But the joy it brings keeps us motivated and active for the kingdom of God, being assured of eternal and unfailing results of proclaiming the Good news faithfully. I thought it necessary to teach Christians about their assurance of salvation, i.e., the basis of it with Scriptural teaching and the outcome of it in our Christian life, and also some doctrinal foundations upon which the church should be built. I hope the Holy Spirit has done His work in the hearts of around 500 listeners from those four events. Among them was a newly founded church where many animistic villagers were also present, and they heard the Gospel together with others. The power of God is working among many souls through our preaching.

I should mention that this is a time the Convid-19 virus has threatened us. Although there has been no confirmed case in our country, we are at high risk. Our HC supported brothers in a particular area have been affected by travel restrictions and other activities engaging with people. This could later affect the church gathering and the Gospel preaching. These circumstances have further delayed my plan to visit them.

But for the time being, Chris, one of our missionaries, has returned to the church and has resumed teaching to over sixty village children. The other men are also doing fine in their respective places. Let me express my heartfelt thanks to you for your recent support for my car repair and a missionary’s motorbike. Transportation and communication have been a challenge to local ministers. With the supply, we can work with more effectiveness and are also reaching out to more new areas.

Please continue to pray for my family and me for the church I pastor and the organization. I’ve still got two more hectic months of the year. Because we lack men and I have taken more than one role in the ministry, I can hardly find a relaxing time together with family. Thankfully, my wife and kids are supportive of my ministry. Since we are well provided through your support, I could spend every bit of my energy for the ministry while not needing to neglect my family duties. We are thankful for that.

Please pray for the other HC missionaries and their families too. We are encouraging each other and in touch regularly. C has just informed me that a new family has moved to his village, and they are joining the church services and listening to preaching. They have expressed their positive response to the Gospel. We hope that they will soon get baptized and be added to the church. Please pray for that family. I’m due to visit the most recent mission field where S is serving later this week. Please read that in my next report after the trip. For now, please pray for that because the journey is tough on steep mountains and narrow hilly roads as I am driving.

Thank you, and God bless you,