Myanmar Unsplashed

I praise the Lord for his sovereign power upon everything. It is such a heartwarming thing to know that God’s people are praying for us without ceasing. Dear friends, the Lord continues to protect his people amid horrible, dangerous shootings. God is indeed good all the time.  

The Physical Condition of our Country                    

After the military junta took over the Country, everything becomes difficult. The internet connection is cut off totally, except for the fiber internet. It was difficult for our missionary to contact us. It is good that lately, I can contact them ask about their situation. By God’s grace, they all are safe and well in health. They announced martial law in every state. We are not allowed to go out after 6 pm and before 4 am. 

It is a fearful thing to go out and buy basic needs. Even to buy food, we need to be very alert and careful. Having a little food a day at our kitchen table is great enough at the moment. Since almost every international has closed business. The prices of foods and things are increasing day to day. If it continues for the next three months like this, it will be very hard for the common people. Our church members have been the victims of this, and they will suffer more. 

The Spiritual Condition of our Country 

 Many Buddhists seem to be very disappointed in their religion, and I can say that many of them are slowly showing their hunger for the Truth. May God continue to work in the hearts of our people! As much as we don’t want the current evil military, we as Christian recognize the sovereign rule of our God. I trust that God will glorify himself even in a terrible and crisis like this.

 Missionary Updates

I will continue to update the Lord’s work in different places since our missionaries cannot write and send their reports because of the limited connection. I will send here those whom I can in contact with.

Missionary #1

“We started our Bible study and worship service this month. Our town is currently under the rule of Military. So it is quite dangerous to gather as a group. But by trusting the Lord with much prayer we continue to meet each other and have prayer meetings. There are 5 to 6 members who came and prayed with us. It is a great blessing to see. On the Lord’s Day we have more, and it has been a long time that we didn’t meet, so we miss each other so much and our worship to the Lord.”  

Missionary #2

“Last week we had salvation campaign for two days and there were 15 people. Three people trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savoir. Moreover, now they are candidates for baptism. Praise the Lord! Isn’t it amazing to see Souls got saved even in a miserable circumstance? Please continue to pray for the growth of this mission work.”

Missionary #3

“For one month, we only stayed in our house since we were in the midst of riots and shooting going. It was a very scary experience, but the Lord Jehovah always protects us. The only ministry that I could do at this moment was “Prayer” and I spend a lot of time in prayer. My heart was full of peace. After one month, we restarted our worship service, I can see that our people seem have more hunger to listen the word of God, praise God.”       

Missionary #4

“Thank you so much for your prayer support for the emergency matter of my wife who was about to deliver a baby. We were in a very difficult moment, since there was no hospital to go, no doctor nor nurses whom we can call. We trusted the Lord and prayed. The only person who helped us was our grandmother, but that night by the grace of God she delivered a very healthy baby boy. Please continue to pray for my family.”

Missionary #5

 “We are surrounded by military all over our places, they are very strict. Though we cannot meet in one place together, I can go to our member’s houses and conduct Bible study. In that way, we continue to our worship. Please continue to pray for all of us to be able to meet in one place eventually.”

Missionary #6

 “Brethren, thank you for your prayer and support. All of us experienced a very terrible nightmare in the past months. But we hold on to God’s guidance and protection, and he did. I am living in the middle of people who are supporters of the Military. So I have to be very careful. With my family, we always pray for God’s leading hand. Not only that, God protected us and allowed us to have worship service with our church members. Our people are so very eager to listen to the word of God. They are the ones who called me and ask me to have a worship service. It’s been months now that we continue to study the word of God together silently.”

Continue to pray for us in Myanmar.