Jesus Christ promised to build His church and that the gates of Hades would not overpower it (Matt. 16:18). Christ’s assertion is a tremendous encouragement to HeartCry as we witness His promise fulfilled in the nation of Myanmar, in spite of intense opposition. In one area many villagers, along with the surrounding neighbors, are expressing an eagerness to attend the public gatherings and an intense hunger for the gospel. Therefore, HeartCry purchased a “Five-wheeler” to transport them to the church building. In the following report Elijah, a Heartcry-supported missionary, shares how Christ is building His church and how the gospel is advancing in animist villages in Myanmar (Ed.). 

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in Christ! Grace, mercy and peace be with you all. I give the LORD our God the glory for all that He has done for our salvation and sanctification. I thank God for His guidance through the Word and through the indwelling of Holy Spirit who empowers us to preach the Word and also prepares the hearts of people in our Gospel ministry.

In the past month our God has blessed the church I pastor and the ministry He has given to me with guidance and provision. The church is blessed with the faithful preaching of the Gospel message. Members are being built up in the family by Words of reproof, rebuke, and exhortation (2 Tim. 4:2) so that they would be sound in the faith (Titus 1:13) and stand firm in the Gospel. I also visited two churches last weekend and encouraged them by the Word, as well as preaching the Gospel to unbelievers. Another opportunity I had last week was to visit an animist village and preach the Gospel to about 40 people of different LH dialect. There are still unbelievers visiting our church regularly on the Lord’s Day. We as a church are sharing the gospel by our words and our actions through hospitality. I’m continuing to teach at the Bible school in KT while engaged in translation and in overseeing the missions in our association.

HeartCry missionary Rufus and his wife are currently teaching our LH literacy to 40 children in the village. The Bible is the textbook for the teaching. The Animist children are taught everyday how to write and read by regularly reading and writing Bible verses. As a result, once they completed the course they would have been taught about God, have heard the gospel, and done many exercises writing and reading the Scriptures. In this way, the Gospel is being preached to the entire younger generation. But they still need their parents – or community elders – approval to become a Christian. Therefore, the couple is being good friends to the parents and the older generation who remain strong animists. By their actions and testimonies they are sharing the gospel to the community faithfully. There are growing numbers of those who are considering converting to Christianity. Pray to God for the harvest.

Travel is very difficult in this season, but Rufus and his wife made it to KT last week and we had a time of encouragement from our fellowship. Rufus’ wife is four months along in her pregnancy. Though it was very dangerous for them to travel, the wife had to have medical check-up and had to ride by a motorbike. Everything went well and she received good medication and they are now back home safely to continue their mission life. Rufus is arranging to rebuild the house. But he has to wait until this rainy season ends to collect and transport materials, i.e. woods, zinc and cements, and etc.

Yi’s ministry is also very much the same to Rufus as mentioned above, except that Yi has got a church founded in the village. He is teaching 30 children at the present. There are still unbelievers in the village and he continues to lead the church and preach the gospel to the unbelievers. Last Friday, a woman in the village gave birth to a baby and became very weak and then unconscious. Yi had to practice his medical knowledge as well as praying for the woman. There is no doctor or medical workers in these kinds of isolated villages. Yi had had basic medical training and community health education under my wife’s instruction a few years ago. And it has proved to be very helpful. Yi and his wife are sharing the gospel to the villagers by words and action in their daily life among the people.

In his church pulpit Yi is preaching on the doctrine of salvation. He also traveled to KT last week. And we had a very good time of encouragement and prayer. Travel to his village is also very difficult at this season. The solar power supplied by HeartCry is a great help to his ministry, which he’s grateful for. He is a very good composer and singer of songs of praise and worship. The teenagers who have been trained by him are among the best readers of the Bible. Yi is planning to have a conference in his village in early months of 2019. I will be teaching there. Please pray for this too.

Lastly but not the least, the overall process is encouraging because God’s hand is manifested in our respective works, although there are always challenges and difficulties in the ministry. Please pray for the special region where they and their families are living. There are many risks in that region for a Christian missionary. Please pray for our health, for our wives, and our children. Also continue to pray for the churches in this nation as well as for LH churches in China which we have connection with. Thank you very much for your prayers, practical support, and partnership in many effective ways. God bless you. God bless the HeartCry Missionary Society and all its partners!

In His service,

Elijah (August 2018)