Huaraz Scenery

Mr. Carlos is a neighbor of mine who is about fifty years old. He and his family had always been Catholic. He works as a professional potter.  Some time ago, his daughter became a Christian and when she did, some of the brothers and sisters of the church began to share the gospel with the rest of the family. But Mr. Carlos refused to listen, criticizing Christians because of the hypocrisy he had seen in some professing Christians. 

Juan Pablo Evangelism

Two years ago I was able to begin forming a relationship with Mr. Carlos when we would cross paths at the school that my daughters attend. Last year, his daughter began going through a very difficult time in her life, and Mr. Carlos sought me out for advice. God worked through the counsel I gave and it opened the door to begin doing Bible studies in Mr. Carlos’s house. Since then we have been meeting each week to study the Bible together. 

Even after we had begun the studies, Mr. Carlos continued to question everything. But when the pandemic began earlier this year he saw the testimony of the believers and the work the church was doing. 

Mr. Carlos has now begun to profess faith in Jesus Christ and he gathers his whole family in his home to listen to the word of God. He has a strong desire to learn more and we are praying together for the conversion of his whole family, both those who are in the city of Huaraz and those in Lima. His family in Lima even listen in on the Bible studies through Zoom.