January Mission Report

By His grace and blessing, I could experience many good outcomes this month. This result is attributed to your prayers as well, that is, I could visit more houses (house to house visiting) to share His words. The month, December had given me a thrilling experience as I had more time to preach about the Gospel and had many opportunities to explain about the purpose of Christmas to the unbelievers who asked me many questions regarding Christmas and Christianity. Especially with the arrival of B.Th students (Bachelor of Theology), house to house visits became more exciting as more people were interested about what we preached. We had the privilege to visit around 50 houses and shared the gospel to over 100 people. Your prayers surely contributed to this great outcome. With the financial support I received from you, I could conduct 2 days training for 53 young children. Thank you so much because your contribution which means a lot for this mission.

My prayer requests are as followed: to be able to see lost souls saved and for the existing believers to have good spiritual relationships with God. As your constant prayer is of great help for each step in the mission, please continue praying for me and my ministry.

May God bless you!

His servant, Gouba Thang