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Last year, Igor and his wife Eliane, moved from Barcelona to Madrid, Spain in order to assist a young but growing church. They were recently in the US HeartCry office and recorded an interview you can watch on our YoutTube channel by clicking here. Read his full report on their new work in this new city within “Iglesia Biblica Vida Nueva Madrid”:

After two years in Barcelona, serving and maturing our convictions in Iglesia Evangelica de la Gracia, laboring alongside the pastors David Barceló and Jairo Jaur, I received a proposal to move and help Pastor Peter McMillan, who has been a missionary in Madrid for 10 years. Three years ago he planted the church “Iglesia Biblica Vida Nueva Madrid” in this big city, which has many challenges and needs. The Lord put it on our hearts to accept this challenge, and since September 2020, my wife and I have been living in Madrid. We are now adapting to the new city and getting to know the brothers and sisters of this church. We have already started to disciple some brothers and sisters, meeting with several married couples, and preaching Sunday evenings and some Wednesday prayer meetings. Unfortunately, we still have to meet via zoom due to the increase in the number of infections and deaths in the country related to COVID-19. The Spanish government has established even stronger restrictions for the inhabitants of Madrid. Overall, this has not been an obstacle for the brothers and sisters from our church, who are encouraged and happy to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God: in a theological knowledge but also a maturity in practical life. During this time of confinement, the church is also growing in its number of members. Just last week we added five new members and have seen many join via zoom.

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I understand the difficulties and challenges that this time of pandemic continues to bring to our congregational lives, as we are still limited in our meetings. At the same time, I can see the Lord giving us more opportunities than ever to preach and teach His Word. By God’s grace, we are getting closer to the people, even though it is through the computer. Instead of being limited by such tight in-person restrictions, meeting and speaking online allows each church member to attend more quickly to the needs of the families in the congregation.

Also, the prayer life of the church has been impacted and strengthened by so many family’s needs both here in Spain and in other countries. Through this time of being confined inside, the church as a whole has learned to cry out more loudly and to lean on the strength of the Lord to face this time. So, the church is praying more intentionally for the manifestation of the Lord and His power in our world authorities and for the sick from COVID-19. We are also praying more for the local churches, that they would not stop preaching Christ and Him crucified and that they would trust more in the power of the Scriptures to transform the lives of the lost, to heal the hearts broken by sin, to strengthen the brokenhearted, and to restore the broken soul. Above all, we pray that the church throughout the world may illuminate society in this dark time with its good news and good works. We pray that we may boldly witness about Christ and his redemptive work on the cross.

We ask for your prayers that the Lord will give us wisdom, health, and strength to help the church in Madrid grow theologically and in maturity. May the Lord also use us to reach the lost and confused souls in this city and that soon we can raise up new leaders who can plant new churches in places where there are still no healthy churches.

In Christ, Igor