Evangelism Involvement

Evangelism and discipleship remain crucial to our work of the ministry. There has been a growing desire for involvement in evangelism among our members since last year. We have started this year by putting members of our church into small groups that go out together to evangelize. Church members in these groups are either doing the work or coming alongside to learn how to communicate the gospel. Please pray for these groups as they go out every Saturday between 11am – 2pm. The groups also set up a book table depending on the area. This involves either one-on-one gospel ministry or open air preaching. We are grateful for the work of Chapel Library. They have faithfully provided us with evangelistic tracts and booklets. Slowly their literature is flooding our nation with genuine gospel resources.

Campus Ministry

We continue to see fruit through our University Outreach activities. Recently, we had an opportunity to go back to a Nursing College where we had previously conducted conferences and workshops. We were encouraged to hear a young man testify that all along he thought he was a Christian until he heard us preach the gospel, and for the first time, understood his plight before God and His need for genuine faith in Christ. This young man’s story encouraged us that even when at times we don’t experience fruit immediately, God will keep His word burning in the hearts of sinners for as long as it takes to break their hearts in repentance.

Literature Translation

As a ministry, one of the things we would like to accomplish in our lifetime is the production of good gospel resources that will outlive us. We are thankful that this year, God willing, we will be putting Paul Washer’s book, The Gospel’s Power and Message, into our vernacular language. To my knowledge this could be the first in-depth, theological, systematic book on the Gospel in our vernacular, when it’s done. Our friends at HeartCry have been so gracious and generous to support the translation of this book. Please pray for this particular work. Pray for the men who are doing the work. Translating Christian literature is not always as easy as it sounds. It requires a great amount of time, discipline, and a very good theological foundation.

A New Elder

Our church gathered at the end of last year and voted to have Brother Masa Elias as our second elder. Brother Masa is married to Mada and together have a daughter Eliana. Masa works for an insurance company within the city. The church agreed to have Brother Masa undergo a testing period (1 Timothy 3) before he can serve as an elder in the church. He has already proven himself as a church member for some years now. He has served the church well already and has demonstrated the qualifications of an elder in 1 Timothy 3. I am personally delighted to work together with him and excited about the development. Please pray for Masa and his family in this new role, that he will continue to grow and faithfully serve the church and his family.