Dear Friends,

Greetings from SE Asia! We trust you’re doing well. By God’s grace, we’re continuing to do well and press on in the ministry God has given us. We’re thankful for your prayers and concern for us. Please pray about the things mentioned below.

Monthly Meeting with Pastors/Missionaries

Last year Matt started meeting with a small group of pastors and missionaries for a theological training program. The program is based on theological lectures and material produced by Third Millennium Ministries, a ministry started by former RTS professor Richard Pratt. This past month, these pastors and missionaries continued their study in the program. They’re planning to meet again at the end of June; pray that God would use this time of study so that all involved would be encouraged, edified, and strengthened for continued faithfulness in Gospel ministry. We often think of meetings like these as small and insignificant due to their ordinary nature. But, as those who believe God’s word, we believe the Spirit does supernatural work whenever God’s truth is unleashed in people’s lives. Our prayer is that through the ordinary teaching of God’s word, the Spirit would enable us all to endure in the ministries entrusted to us.

Trip to Another City for a Seminar

Bible college students, pastors, and evangelists mostly attended the seminar. Matt taught through the major themes and key passages in the book of Acts, focusing on the Spirit’s work in the early church and how the Spirit continues to work in the present day. Pray that God would use his word to give these dear brothers and sisters a greater passion for serving Christ and preaching the Gospel. Back in our hometown, we had the opportunity to spend time with our family and also join in our weekly HeartCry prayer meeting and house fellowship Bible study group.

Upcoming Ministry

Please pray for Matt as he finalizes plans for upcoming ministry. In June he plans to return to Timor Leste and meet again with the Makasae Bible translation team. Also, there’s a possibility that Matt might be traveling to a group of islands in July to conduct a seminar on expository preaching. Please pray for this possibility.

Finally, the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan has been going on since early May. Next week is the end of Ramadan, called Idul Fitri. At this time it is common for friends and family to visit in one another’s homes, and ask forgiveness for any offenses committed during the previous year. It is actually the Muslim’s belief that faithful fasting and then asking forgiveness helps to return the soul to its original (sinless) state. So they consider this a time for new beginnings. Pray for us as we hope to have the opportunity to visit in the homes of neighbors. There is usually time for conversation and interaction with their family members whom we don’t often see.

Grace and Peace,

Matt and Family